Thursday, 7 July 2011

Getting sorted

My latest book, courtesy of Lulu, arrived today. It’s a collection of crime stories. I’ve given it to Jack who runs the crossword group as he’s a brilliant proof reader. He seems to like doing it too which is great as I couldn’t afford to pay him.
I’ve spent much of today and yesterday sorting out my office. I found a half finished novel I'd completely forogtten about!
I bought a wardrobe from Argos which my lodger has fitted out with shelves. Once I’ve got everything organised, I’ll be able to put things away, shut the doors, and bingo, a tidy office. Nothing short of miraculous really.
My plan is to write on Friday and Sunday when John is out of the way. I’m waiting for Fiction Feast to buy some stories to give me the impetus to write some more. Meanwhile, I have the book to lay out so that I can get Lulu to print it for me. I’ve decided not to send it out to agents but to let the fates decide what happens.
After that, I plan to rewrite one of my novels. It’s too good to give up on and I think by brining it up to date and adding a darker edge, it will work.
Between showers, I picked kohl rabi, spinach beet, raspberries, strawberries and 2 gooseberries for dinner. I’ve never even tried spinach beet before, but the seeds weren’t dear, so I thought I’d give it a try.

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