Friday, 15 July 2011

Busy busy busy

I seemed to have packed a lot in today. Went to Tescos, then started work on the book. After lunch I took a two hour break in which I painted the wardrobe trim and the pelmet in my bedroom, made a panna cotta and finished a painting of a neighbour’s cat. At four I went back to work on the book finishing just after seven having reached page 175 out of 230. I really hope I can get it finished tomorrow as I want to get it printed on Lulu ready for Swanwick.
The Swanwick brochure arrived yesterday and I can’t believe the amount of things that are going on. If you want, you can do something from 8 in the morning right through until midnight. I can’t wait.
I’ve been texting one of the men from the Lonely Hearts and have arranged to call him tomorrow to sort out a time and place to meet. It’s been fun having him to talk to and text but I’m going to have to meet him one day.
It’s been threatening to rain all day and I really would like to get into the garden. Can’t do that when it’s too hot. I just don’t do heat. Fingers crossed it stays dry and I can get some of the weeds pulled up!

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