Saturday, 9 July 2011

Flower show day

I won 3rd prize for my bowl of berries.
One gooseberry surrounded by wild strawberries surrounded by raspberries, surrounded by strawberries, all from my wonderful garden.
My photos and flowers came nowhere. The big flower show’s on August 13th which is the day I set off for Swanwick which is a shame. Hopefully I can at least put in a painting or two if I give them to next door the day before.
I squeezed in a quick watercolour sketch before dinner this evening. Painting always makes me feel ‘naughty’ as though I should be doing something else. I’m tempted to have another go now but the garden needs some work.
Sometimes it’s so hard to decide what to do because whatever it is I choose to do, there are at least another six jobs I could be doing.
I think I’ll spend another hour on the book because the sooner that’s done I can get on with something more pleasurable.

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