Saturday, 2 July 2011

Quarry Hill

I spent most of the day at The West Yorkshire playhouse taking part in the Quarry Hill Festival. We rehearsed for an hour and a half then performed two sets together with a group of young people. Te weather was so good, we were able to perform outdoors. After that, I signed up for Operating Theatre. A group of us went into the small theatre and ‘put on’ five minutes of the Wizard of Oz. I ended up playing the Tin Man which is quite apt really as the place where my heart should be is definitely empty right now.
After that I had a look at Gay Abandon (a rather talented choir) as they rehearsed . I’d hoped to be able to join in, but it was rather more formal than that – they had a concert looming. I’d intended to go look at the Food Festival but it was hot and I didn’t fancy the walk.
By the time I got home, the ladies final was over but I don’t think I missed much by all accounts.
Now to make a start on putting another book together. This time a collection of crime stories.

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