Monday, 27 June 2011

Wardrobes and Wimbledon

Fiction Feast’s fiction editor has the annoying habit of sending stories back in large batches, rather than one at a time.
I have this picture in my mind of a tray, overflowing with rejected stories, waiting for somebody to clear them. I’ve had 8 back o 2 days, which is hardly the nicest birthday present. Some sales would be good.
I’ve been having big trouble coping with the heat today. I’m not designed for it. Once the temperature hits 26 Centigrade, I cook, feel bad, and get grumpy which is not a recipe for successful writing. I kept going until three, rewriting most of the rejected stories and sending them out again, then it all became too much. I went and watched some more tennis – after all it is only once a year.
I felt guilty, sitting there while 2 men slaved away fitting my new wardrobes! It looks really good, but it will need to be cooler before I move any more furniture.
My new blinds were meant to be coming tomorrow, but they called and postponed until Friday. That’s a shame as I rather liked the idea of having them fitted on my birthday. This year I’m not going to mark the day in any way at all, not because I’m getting old but because I’ve decided that change is good. I’ve always gone out for a meal, or gone on a trip so by changing that………
Basically this past year has not been the raging success I had hoped for. The whole business with Mum has been so hard for me. There were times when I really felt like giving up. Anything that can change things for me is worth a try and to prove how serious I am about that, I’ve already booked a Christmas break.
Now to see if the garden has cooled down a bit. If it has, it’s time to raid the strawberry patches.

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  1. Linda
    Just wanted to be the first to wish you happy birthday! Have a lovely day - spoil yourself a little (or a lot!) and I hope this coming year brings you everything you wish for.
    Best wishes