Saturday, 4 June 2011

Two different dogs, two different old ladies.

I spent a very pleasant evening yesterday at a friend’s house, drinking wine and chatting. She’s 85, almost the same age as my mother and could hardly be more different. She’s given me a recipe for date and ginger buns which I plan to have a go at as soon as I find some more energy.
It feels like it’s been quite a long day as I had to get up early for the arrival of Louis, the chocolate Labrador. I was just sticking on a few more border tiles when his owner arrived early.
The difference between this dog and the last one is staggering. He’s been no trouble at all (so far!). I had a bit of trouble walking him though. When he saw two dogs on the other side of the road he pulled so hard to try and get to them, he almost had me on the floor.And the slobber isn't exactly pleasant, but at least he's cuddly and affectionate.
Workwise, I finished my judges report on the NAWG pumpkin stories, plus my short story for the Bridport prize. Now I’m working on a story for Liars league, theme North and South.
Having spent the last half hour moving furniture to accommodate a rug my lodger came home from an auction with, I’m not thoroughly done for, so it’s time for a coffee and a slump.

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