Thursday, 16 June 2011

A productive day.

After writing something for Chat, It’s Fate, the men arrived to put in my new kitchen window. The old one was a mess. If you opened it, the slightest breath of a breeze closed it again, and the clear glass meant to have any privacy, the blind (which was broken) needed to be closed.
I was a bit worried about Angel.
I wasn’t sure how she’d cope with strangers in the house, but she didn’t seem to notice. The men were very good, quick, efficient and left no mess. It’s such an improvement. It’s taken me a while but I finally feel I’m getting the house as I want it. There are still lots of things to do but at least I know what I want now. Tomorrow the sliding doors are being delivered ready for my fitted wardrobe, which is due to be fitted on the 27th, then the conservatory blinds are being done on my birthday. I’m not going anywhere, so why not?
While the window men were here, I went through my library of tips making a list of the ones I want to take photographs for, when the mood strikes. I’ll carry on with that later while I’m watching TV.
After they’d gone, I went back to work on the book about my mother.
I stopped a month ago when she was put into the home. The whole business was so upsetting, I couldn’t even think about it without feeling ill. I was terrified I’d end up in another deep dark and lengthy period of depression. The symptoms were all too familiar. Lack of energy, feeling tired, not wanting to go out or see people.
Having Louis the Labrador come to stay when he did was a great help. He gave me some unconditional love which was just what I needed. So much so that I’m now feeling ten times better, which is why I decided to have another go at finishing the book. I managed more than two thousand words today which I’m very pleased with. Best of all, it wasn’t as upsetting as I’d feared. I’m going to spend most of Sunday working on it too and see where I am after that. Maybe I can get it finished by my birthday on the 28th. When I say finished, I don’t mean polished, I just mean at the stage where I can start to send it to agents.
I also managed to squeeze in a bit of gardening too AND I got to a couple of lovely strawberries BEFORE the thieving birds.
Tomorrow I’m reading a story on East Leeds radio then later in the evening, taking part in my first ever readathon. No idea whether it will be fun but it will at least be different.

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