Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Something different for a Wednesday

On Wednesdays I usually go to Heydays at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, but today I stayed home. I didn’t want to leave Angel by herself for too long, plus I needed to get some work done.
I was up early because I heard her padding about and didn’t want to risk an accident. When I logged on, there was an email from Australia, That’s Life wanted to buy 2 stories for a total of $1100, not a bad start to the day especially after yesterday’s disappointing news re TAB.
I then spent some time looking for stories to send to The Weekly News, and one to send as my monthly submission to My Weekly. I then sorted through some of my photos, looking for possible filler material, and possible entries for the photo section of the gardening club show.
Next I dealt with two critiques One was a quick, free, overview. The other was paid. I always find these hard to do, but very rewarding. I don’t charge much, sometimes I don’t charge at all, because it’s all about returning the help I received when I was starting out.
After that, I sent some more fillers out – two to Yours and one to Chat. Tonight, I will try to find some tips that I can take photographs for.
Angel is no trouble. The odd thing is that she looks smaller when she’s lying down than she does when she’d in the garden. I took the blind down in my kitchen, ready for the men who are coming tomorrow to fit a new window. The top part made a good stick so I was using it to ‘kick’ a ball for Angel (having come a bit too close to he teeth the other day, this seemed like a safer option). Within seconds she’d grabbed it from me. And chomped it into four pieces. Obviously she has very powerful jaws.
She can change from being completely mad and full of enormous energy, to snuggling up to me and wanting a hug. She has this habit of leaning on me so that if I moved, she’d fall over.
She managed not to eat her pill tonight so I had to wrap it in some cheese to make sure she took it. I thought she’d eaten it, but she must have spat it out when I wasn’t looking. Sneaky thing.
The plan was to potter about in the garden tonight, but it’s been heaving it down with rain. It was so loud on the conservatory roof, I couldn’t hear myself think.

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