Thursday, 9 June 2011


I didn’t go back on line yesterday. Wednesdays are meant to be a day off as I go to Heydays, but having given a talk instead, I felt that was enough work. The talk went very well. People clapped and laughed in all the right places and the hour flew by. Next time will be so much easier.
The Playhouse was literally transformed by a visiting theatre group performing all kinds of innovative theatre. When I emerged from my talk, I went straight into the Soldier’s Song. It was a sound proof video karaoke where you sing along to a video of a serving soldier. I chose Angels. The soldier’s name was Shaun. It was a delicious, strangely moving, intimate experience. Although he was just a picture on a screen, as his eyes looked into mine, it was like stepping into another world. 
When I came home, I felt so worn out, I just slumped in a chair for two hours. 
Last night, I had a special meal to celebrate the talk going so well – lamp chops and a selection of vegetables including the first mange tout of the year and my first ever home grown baby turnip. Every time I pick fruit and vegetables from the garden, I get this strange feeling which I can’t adequately describe, a kind of delight and amazement as though I’m plundering something precious.
Louis continues to ruin my night’s sleep but I seriously think I could forgive him virtually anything. It’s made such a huge difference to my mood, having him here. He gives me something else to focus on. As the next dog arrives on the same day he goes home, I’m hoping that couple of weeks will be enough to help me out of the depression which was doing its best to pull me under.
I had a call late last night from the local WI saying their July speaker had let them down and was I free. Luckily I am so that’s another paid booking which is really good.

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  1. I'm so pleased the talk went well. And now you have another booking - that is a bonus.