Monday, 13 June 2011

back to fillers

The new dog, Angel the boxer, has settled in a treat. Most of the time, she’s so well behaved, you can almost forget she’s there. Then she decides to have a mad five minutes and wants to race round the garden, chasing a ball. As I can’t take her out for a walk, that works well to get her some exercise.
She’s a sorry looking creature with her stump of a tail and large bare patch on her neck and chest, and a permanent hang dog frown on her face.
I’ve been transferring a story I wrote longhand yesterday to the computer. It’s turned out well so I’ll be able to send that off tomorrow, and get started on the next. I need to write two a week, but lately, I’ve missed that target by miles.
I bought some magazines at Tescos so I can have a go at some more fillers. I used to do loads of them when I could use other people’s addresses. As I’m giving a talk on fillers at Swanwick, I could use a few new ones under my belt. That means I’m going to have to read Bella, Chat It’s Fate and Yours all the way through. I should be able to do that while watching TV later. Right now, it’s not raining so I need to spend some time in the garden.

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