Friday, 3 June 2011

Hot Hot Hot

It’s like Turkey in July today. Far too hot for me. I went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park but I started to melt and had to leave.
It would be fine if the weather changed gradually but one day it’s cold, the next it’s baking.That's England for you.
I had the men from Window Doctor coming at 11 to fix my French door, so thought I’d get the fiddly bit round the small bathroom window papered.  Of course, they arrived early!
I spent some more time on a story for the Bridport Prize. It’ s  only 2200 words so I’m not sure it’s long enough, but I said I’ll enter so I will.
A neighbour gave me a tray of peppers which, because they want the seed tray back, I had to plant straightaway. Now, a cool shower is calling!
Tomorrow, Louie, a 3.5 year old labrador arrives. I hope he’s not as mad as the last one!

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