Monday, 20 June 2011

Hard at work

I was up early as I didn’t know when Angel’s owners were coming to pick her up, plus I had a new mobile phone being delivered.
I managed to type, edit and finish a story to my satisfaction so I’ve sent it off already. I’m now working on the next one. In between, a lady sent me a story for feedback. She’s definitely getting there which is great.
Angel’s owners phoned at half four, saying could they pick her up at seven as they’d only just landed. That’s fine by me, I’m not going anywhere. My lodger s out on a date tonight which is very exciting. I have this dream that he’ll fall for somebody and move out because if he doesn’t…………
Once I’ve eaten and Angel has gone home, I might be able to do some work in the garden. It certainly needs it.
I dashed out a few minutes ago to buy The Weekly News (thanks Joan for telling me I had a story in it this week) and to check Amateur Gardening. I have two letters due in there and I wasn’t sure which week it was, but it’s next week.
Now off to do some watering for the neighbours.

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