Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hot hot hot

It’s hot!
Too hot for me.
I melt when it gets over 24 degrees C. The garden is like an oven and the conservatory is a furnace. I’m having blinds fitted to part of the roof on Tuesday and can’t help wondering how they’ll cope if it’s this hot. Flaming June strikes again. I’m going to have to go outside and water the raised beds otherwise my vegetables will be boiled before I’ve picked them. It should start cooling down soon, I hope.
Amazingly I’ve been sticking to my plan and concentrating on getting the book finished. Apart from a couple of fillers as light relief, that’s what I’ve been doing for most of today. I did take a break to make some date and ginger buns. Thanks to my wheat intolerance, I have to make my own cakes and biscuits. The wheat free ones in the shops are usually too sweet.

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