Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Another long day

Louis woke me up at 4, but at least this time a- he wasn’t sick, and b – he didn’t fidget when he climbed on to my bed.
I made a sale to My Weekly today for their annual which is good. I only wish Norah would buy some more for Fiction Feast. When I don’t hear from her for a few weeks, it starts to get scary. Sometimes a fertile imagination has its downside.
I finished my Writers Forum  column and sent that off so that I’m now a month ahead. NAWG sent me lots of entry forms and flyers for the festival so that I can start taking those round with me. I also called the Little Ripon Bookshop to get more advertising material for Ripon Yarns. SO far there are just three people booked onto my workshop, but Gill didn’t seem too worried, not yet anyway.
I’ve been having trouble with a story. The theme is north and south and it’s for the new Leeds branch of Liars League. I needed to get it to less than two thousand words. I’ve more or less done that now so it should be ready to submit by Thursday latest. I hope so as I really need to get some new stories done. Other things keep cropping up, like my once a month submission to My Weekly and people sending me rewrites of stories that I’ve critiqued. When things like that happen, I prefer to do them as soon as possible so that I don’t forget.
When I was at Kath’s the other night, she gave me the Lonely Hearts page out of the paper. I had a look through but the ones that looked interesting didn’t say where they were, how old they were, and possibly most important, how tall they were. So I decided to put an ad in and see if I get any replies. I’ve no idea how long it is before the ad goes in, so will wait at least ten days before calling to see if I’ve had any responses. I hope I do better than I did at the speed dating!
I’ve just been tidying up some of the garden which means puling up weeds, trimming grass, cutting back brambles and hawthorn. Louis was out there with me. He kept wanting to play and when I wouldn’t kept finding things to chew that he shouldn’t – bits of pot, and plastic mainly. I had great fun wrestling one piece out of his mouth. Then I saw a frog. The garden is home to literally hundreds, so that’s not unusual. What worried me was what would Louis do if he saw it too. So I had to shoo the little creature back into the undergrowth before he spotted it. I can forgive dogs almost anything, But if he ate a frog….

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