Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Plum tree and bathroom bits

Today is the last week of Heydays term (at West Yorkshire playhouse) and everyone will be putting on their various performances. I’ve decided not to go.  I’ve missed too many rehearsals to want to sing in the choir, and I don’t feel up to chatting to everyone. Instead I’m going to buy a tree. I’ve been wanting a Victoria plum for ages so I’m going to treat myself.
I’m also going to Argos to pick up some of the things I need for my bathroom refurbishment. I’ve been ashamed of the bathroom since I moved in. The tiles are awful, with grout falling away and the shower (the kind that feeds of the tap) is worse than useless, so much so that I rarely use it. I’m having an electric shower fitted, plus new taps for the bath with a shower attachment, and having all the tiles replaced. At the moment there are tiles around the sink which again are in a bad condition, several cracked as well as grotty, so I’m going to get a worktop fitted and the old sink put back in. I’d like a whole new white suite (at the moment it’s a kind of mushroom colour) but that’s out of my budget. Once the room is retiled, I can redecorate. I’ve been longing to get rid of the wallpaper for ages. It’s not only pale and uninteresting, whoever put it up wasn’t very good, none of the edges are straight and all the corners are peeling or overlapped. I’m looking forward t having it finished, then I won’t need to be ashamed of the room anymore, plus, if the time comes when I have to move, the bathroom won’t put people off.

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