Monday, 14 March 2011

it's over

Having thought about little else all weekend, I finally made up my mind to register the EPA. I called Mum’s solicitor to tell them this and was told that they couldn’t act for me and that my mother had issued other instructions. What they are or when she did this, they wouldn’t say but it must have been a while ago, before the dementia took hold.
If I want to pursue the matter I have to find a new solicitor. Reading between the lines, it seems she has, at some time,  instructed the solicitor that she doesn’t want me to be her attorney anymore. She’s probably also changed her will. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t mention this when I went to Exeter last August.
I can’t afford to pursue this legally. Not because it would be expensive, which it would, but because I can’t stand the stress.
I have to tell myself this - if, when she was still compos mentis, Mum decided she didn’t want me involved in her life if she became ill, I need to accept that and walk away.
It won’t be the first time she’s hurt me but I hope and pray it will be the last.


  1. Hi Linda
    I love your blog - it's very moving. My mother also had Alzheimers.
    I've read the short story competition winner - amazing. When is the next competition?
    Best Wishes

  2. Thanks for your comments, Carol.
    I'm waiting to see if a new NAWG competition is launched. If it does, I'll be tied up with that for a while. Glad you liked the previous winner.