Tuesday, 8 March 2011

ALCS et al

A member of my writers group (Leeds Writers Circle – come along if you’re in the area. Just google for details) told me I had a story in the new Take a Break Spring Special. I’m glad she did, or I wouldn’t have known. I like to try and buy a copy of any magazines with my stories in so that I can cut them out and put them in a file. Then when I get down, or it’s been a few weeks without a sale, I can flick through and remind myself that I CAN write.
It’s also handy to have a copy to remind me to notify ALCS. That’s the Author’s Licensing and Collection Service. Every year, they send me a payment. This covers all the schools, companies and so on that copy and use writer’s work without paying them directly. Stories as well as articles and books all count. I didn’t’ bother signing up until 2008, which was, frankly stupid. I’ve just received this year’s payment and it was more than six hundred pounds and for that, all I had to do was let them know a few details whenever I had something published. So if you write, check it out – www.alcs.co.uk 
If that's not the right address a quick google will take you there. It's only £25 to join and they take that from any payments they make so there's no up front cost.  

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