Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mothers, rhubarb and short stories

Just about to shut down the computer when I realised I hadn’t updated my blog. Been one of those days. Busy working on three stories, plus updating my web site, plus handling a whole load of calls from my mad mother. Sundays aren’t my favourite day. I tend to think of other people having Sunday lunch with families and friends and get a bit tearful. There, so now you know. I’m a lonely old soul. The only family I have, and believe me I wish I didn’t have it, is my 85 year old mother who has dementia. I know you will think badly of me, but that’s up to you, when I say that I don’t love her, and haven’t for a very long time. I had a bad childhood and have always had a ‘troubled’ relationship with her.  
She lives in Exeter and has a full time carer who’s not much younger than she is. He hates me, and thinks I’m after my mother’s money. I could write a book about the problem, and maybe I will one day. Right now, I just wanted to tell somebody. It helps sometimes.
Now to go and cuddle the dogs.

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  1. Linda - I have just found your lovely new Blog and I'm impressed! It looks great (better than mine), with all those books down the side - well done.
    I read this (very honest) post and really felt for you. No, I don't think badly of you regarding your mother - none of us can choose our relatives! (If only!)
    Sundays can be dreary, I agree and it's easy to think of everyone else playing happy families, but lots of people aren't. I hope next Sunday is a better one for you! Helen