Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday 18th March. The frogs are spawning.

I’ve been too low to do very much. I couldn’t stop thinking about Mum and what’s happening. In the end, I decided to instruct a solicitor to see if they can find out what Mum’s new instruction is and more importantly, when she gave it.
Wednesday I spent at Trinity College, in Horsforth, Leeds. Each year they hold a writers day with some really good workshops. Best of all it’s free. I was grateful to be able to go out for the day and put my troubles to one side and just write. I sold 4 copies of Diamonds and Pearls which was good, PLUS four copies of my Lulu books which was encouraging.
Yesterday I had to go to the eye clinic. Mum has glaucoma so I have to have my eyes checked regularly. I’ve been worried recently as every now and then I lose even more of my distance vision than normal (I’m short sighted).  The doctor told me that all was well and that the problems I’ve been having were probably down to stress.
Today, it’s back to work, if I can find a way to focus. First I need to pop down to the station. Last year I was given a day pass as compensation for a cancelled train and I want to make sure it will get me to Newcastle. Tomorrow, Radgepacket 5 (Byker books) is launched in Newcastle and I’d like to get there if I can.
The frogs are finally spawning. I’m a complete herptile. I love cold blooded animals of all kinds. I think they’re fascinating. There’s nothing better than to step outside and hear a chorus of frogs.
The dogs go home on Monday. It’s funny but they’ve been a bit of a pain at times, but I’m still going to miss having them around.

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