Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Heydays, dogs and My Weekly

Today is my day at Heydays (how’s that for a clumsy sentence?) but I had to come home at lunch time because I can’t leave the dogs too long. Their owner said a maximum of four hours but I’d rather not push my luck so kept it down to three. I wish I hadn’t bothered going. I’m in this class that’s meant to be taking a hitch hikers guide to enlightenment but lately all that happens is it turns into a discussion session about everything that’s wrong with the world. It’s a shame as Wednesday and Thursday are meant to be my unofficial days off when I do anything other than writing. .
As a result of plugging Diamonds and Pearls (if you haven’t bought a copy please consider doing so – royalties go to charity.) I’ve been invited to run a workshop at the Ripon Yarns festival in July, so that’s good. Not sure what about or when yet.
In January I sent a ‘real life’ story to My Weekly about having hypnotherapy to get more confidence and how that led me to going on The Weakest Link. Yesterday I had an email and they’ve accepted it. So that’s another sale, and a non fiction one for a change.  
The pet boarding agency called, asking if I wanted to look after a 14 year old dog with chronic medical problems meaning I’d have to get up in the night to prevent accidents. I felt bad but I had to say no.
Finished another story and sent it off so now back to work on the next one. At least I’m in this month’s Fiction Feast, over 6 pages too so that will be a healthy payment when it comes through.  I haven’t been in the magazine for a few months thanks to my output dipping badly last year thanks to family problems. Nice to get back on stream.
Now to try and decide which story to send to My Weekly for my once a month (March) submission!

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