Friday, 16 March 2012

The wonders of Lulu

I had to put a book together in a hurry today.
It’s my second set of crime stories called CRIME SHORTS TOO. I’d done most of the work (i.e. chosen the stories and done the basic layout) but needed to upload the text, sort out the cover, blurb, and all the extra bits.
Why the rush? I had mentioned the collection in The Writer’s Treasury of Ideas so had to make it ‘exist’.
I need to spend some time getting sorted out. I spend such a lot of hours, trying to find things as I haven’t really had the space. Now John’s gone, I need to have a major clear out and re–organise so that I can find things quickly.
I also need to organise my paints and painting materials in the still slightly vain hope that one day I will get round to dabbling again. I think I’m rather too aware of all the important stuff that needs doing, like cleaning! Then there’s decorating, and the garden which I really haven’t touched for ages and ages.
A lady came round today to quote for moving my pond. I’ve never had a quote for garden stuff before and have a horrible feeling it’s going to be too expensive. Will have to wait and see, she’s coming back on Thursday to give me the quote.
Today, I met a member of the writers club when I was at the shops, and asked if she wanted a drink and a chat. I’m glad to say she said yes, because I’d asked two people in the past week, having been prompted by readers of this blog (thanks for giving me a nudge) and they’d both said no. Apparently there are quite a few ruffled feathers at the Writers Circle so the AGM could be interesting.
I’m signing off even earlier today as I want to get my paints sorted so that if I do get the urge, I can take advantage of it.
Hopefully I can get lots of writing done over the weekend as I have nothing in my diary.

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  1. Linda
    How did you get started on Lulu - and would you recommend it for self-publishing? My class (on Monday night!) want me to talk about 'getting published' and I thought I'd mention all the options - including sites like Lulu. I've had a quick look on the webpage but it's quite confusing and it keeps saying 'publish your book for free' - but it can't be free! How can I find out how much it all costs?! Thanks!