Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Still not doing any actual writing

Time seems to keep being eaten up by publicity work, going through contacts and letting Filament have details so they can send press release. I’m still waiting for the 31st March to be confirmed for the launch which is annoying. I’m also ‘in talks’ with another writer about a collaboration on a book  which would be great if it came off. News when I have it.
On my way to Good Neighbours (I run a session as a volunteer 2 Tuesdays afternoons a month, I decided to do a trawl of the charity shops. I only managed 2 because I bought so much, I couldn’t carry it – three cushions for the new sofa, a set of bedding, a jigsaw and a dress.
At the session, we played Scrabble because that’s what they wanted to so. Suits me, as I don’t’ get to play any other time. When I got home, I took the dogs out, then moved some more furniture out of the bedroom. It needs to be clear for Thursday when the new carpet comes. There’s just a wardrobe left to shift which can wait until tomorrow.
The dogs have been hilarious today, doing things I simply couldn’t write about here. I wish there was a programme on TV half as funny.

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