Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday 7th March

I switched to play reading today at Heydays as I didn’t want to face any more writing. I’m so far behind s it is. Had to hurry back because although I know the dogs are used to being left alone, I’d rather not push my luck.
I’m waiting to hear when the book launch will be as the bookshop may be busy with something else on the 31st.
Today I’ve had to clear the furniture from my bedroom as I’m having a new carpet fitted tomorrow, the first I’ve had since I can’t remember when. I’m keen to make the house as different as possible to signify a whole new life ahead. The carpet that was down was HORRIBLE. Brown, with spots. Cheap and nasty, like something from a factory. The new one is dusky pink. I was really lucky as it was an offcut, just the right size, that had already been reduced and was then reduced again to shift it so what should have cost me almost £600 came to less than £250, with fitting. Once it’s down, I have to vbe careful not to overdo it, putting the furniture back, as I’m off to Newcastle on Saturday for the launch of the latest in the Radgepacket series from Byker Books.
It’s coming up to the first anniversary of the day my life imploded i.e. when I was pushed out of my mother’s life and social workers took over. It’s been a strange twelve months with terrible, long deep miserable troughs. I think I must have shed more tears than at any other time in my life, more even than when I lost my husband. Fortunately there have been a few highs too, notably Swanwick, and getting my ideas book accepted.
I pray that this time next year I can look back and say that I’ve had a wonderful twelve months with so many glorious highs, and just a few, tiny dips. That would be so amazing.
Right now, I’m being tempted to stop work by two adorable dogs and as they’re only here until Saturday, I’m going to give in an

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