Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday, 21st March 2012

Heydays, play reading this morning. Managed to nip into creative writing first and leave some flyers on chairs about the book launch. On the way home, picked up the lots I won at yesterday’s auction – a piano stool (I’ll get back to the keyboard, one day!), another chair for the living room, and a nest of tables to replace the battered, scratched, cheap and nasty one I had.
After a short break, printing out flyers to send to the library, tackling emails, checking Facebook and so on, it was off to East Leeds Writers. Peter, who runs the group, has much to do with East Leeds f.m. (ELFM)  an internet radio station. I showed him the book and he’s invited me to go on one of his shows to promote it.
Tomorrow morning, the landscape gardener is coming to give me her quotation. I have NO idea what it will be, just a horrible feeling that it will be too much. The problem is, I really need to make the garden easier as I don’t want to have to rely on John. I know he’s supposed to be mowing the lawn and walking any big dogs but I’d prefer it if I didn’t actually NEED him for anything.
I had a really really bad night last night which is annoying. I expect to get those when I have dogs here, not when I’m on my own.
Yet another day has gone by when, apart from the writing I did I the group this afternoon, I’ve done nothing remotely creative. Tomorrow has two large bites taken out of it – gardening lady, then crosswords. I’ll just have to pack an awful lot into Friday. Right now, I’m feeling so tired, I’m going to give up and crash out (after washing the covers of the chair I bought earlier.)

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