Monday, 19 March 2012

Emergency dog booking

Sally and Humber’s owner arrived just after ten thirty with the two dogs. As last year, she hadn’t made a list so had forgotten to bring their treats, so after she left, once we’d been through the dog’s complicated feeding and medical timetable, I popped down to the shops to get some fat free treats. Poor Sally isn’t allowed anything nice to eat. Last year she used to have her first pill of the day wrapped in a slice of chicken. Not now. I feel sorry for her. A dog that can’t eat nice things seems a bit sad.
I take looking after other people’s dogs very seriously and will be on tenterhooks until they go home. They’re here until tomorrow night as their owner had to go to a funeral, then they will be back on Saturday for a full, two week stay.
At one point, I almost lost the plot as I struggled to get everything right for their evening meal. What a palaver! Still that’s one meal done and dues
I’ve been able to get some work done and have almost finished the sample chapter for the new book proposal. I keep thinking of things I need to add but I have the feeling it’s almost there.
I will try and get it done tomorrow. Tonight, it’s the last quiz of the season before the handicap cup begins. We actually won last week for the first time in months. Of curse, I wasn’t playing…

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