Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I went to play reading at Heydays today as it’s more relaxing than creative writing. As we didn’t get to the end of the play, I’ll have to go there next week too to find out what happens.
I took my precious copy of THE WRITER’S TREASURY OF IDEAS with me and managed to get two orders which was great. The book will be for sale on my web site as soon as I have copies to sell. It will doubtless by for sale more cheaply on Amazon, so to compensate for that, people who buy from me will get an extra mini guide to short story competitions sent to their email address as a pdf.
I worked on my Writers Forum column today, but I’m not sure about the result. I found myself writing about the last year and how I’ve been taking a break from fiction. As the column is called SHORT STORY SUCCESS, I’m wondering if that’s a good idea. I’ll look at it again tomorrow and decide.
I’m also working on a pitch for another book which means having to write a sample chapter. It’s not the one I would have chosen either.
I also put a few things together for tomorrow. I’m going to a meeting of a new writers group in central Leeds. They’re giving me the last half hour to talk to them about short stories, but  I’m going to the whole meeting so I can think about joining them.
Tonight is quiz night at Spice. In many ways I don’t want to go, I have such a lot to do, but I need to make myself get out and about, or risk letting depression creep back in. I’m having trouble adjusting to being on my own. Not having any family or close friends, geographically that is, is not helping, but I’m sure it will get easier.
I had two calls today.
They were both for John.
When I’m feeling really down, I envy him with his regular income from Pension Credit, his bus pass and his family. When I feel like that, I know I need to do something fast! That’s why I’m going to that bl***ed quiz whether I feel like it or not.

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