Thursday, 29 March 2012

Is Denis Mum's partner and if he is....

I’m wallowing in legal sludge. 
My mother has died with £32,200 care homes fees outstanding. For some reason, no money has been taken, not even half Mum’s pension and as that was paid into a joint account, they could have accessed it easily. Now she is dead, all the money in the account belongs to Denis. It’s madness.
Next problem - look on any web site – Age Concern, CAB, even Devon County Council’s own and it says that where a partner remains living in the house, the house is not counted as capital, but when you come to check that, suddenly it’s not quite so simple, and needs investigation.  
Not only did they take no money from Mum’s pension, they didn’t take out Deputyship either. I’ve also been informed that my not being allowed to register the EPA should only have happened if that EPA had been revoked by my mother, which I’m 99% certain isn’t the case because if it were, the solicitor would simply have said so at the time.
In short, I’ve been plunged back into another nightmare, full of stress and sleepless nights all because the law is an ass.
The one good piece of news is that there is no charge against the house so they won’t be able to force a sale and will have to wait for me and I’ve no intention of selling until Denis wants to leave or he dies.

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