Friday, 2 March 2012

New dog arrived

Lovely bright day today. Raffy arrived at nine o’clock this morning. He’s a 9 month old border terrier. Just a few weeks ago, he had a run in with a car and damaged a vertebra. His owner said that for 3 days it was touch and go, but he seems fine now. He can’t wear a collar so has to have a harness and he mustn’t play pulling games with any toys. We had great fun this morning, doing the housework. Raffy kept chasing the vacuum hose so it ended up as a game. The house has not been this clean for ages.
I left home alone for an hour this afternoon to see how he’d cope. I ordered a new carpet fro the bedroom which will be the first new carpet I’ve had since moving to Leeds. I’m spending money on the house so that it looks and feels different from when John was here. He came round at 4 to take all his tool boxes away. For a man that did very very little DIY he has an awful lot of tools.
I haven’t managed to get much done today. I did the paperwork for a booking for two dogs who are coming to stay for two weeks at the end of the month then worked on one of my pupil’s lessons. Apart from that, it was moving things from room and filling cupboards and spending time with Raffy.  When I first have a new dog to stay, I like to make sure they’re entertained and not fretting. So far, so good. He did have a little accident shortly after arriving but I put that down to excitement.
My tame proof reader dropped off the manuscript for the competition guide I’ve been working on so I can get that corrected later.
I don’t know why, but I’m feeling tired out. I guess you don’t realise how much physical effort is involved in just moving things about. And I had to walk the dog. John’s supposed to do that in exchange  for using my garage……..

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