Saturday, 17 March 2012

A good day.

I’m having a good day. I decided to mix things up, so I’ve spent some time in the garden, some time sorting out magazines and other paperwork, and some time working on the book proposal.  This evening, the plan is try and get my art materials into some kidn of order. At half past eleven last night, I was moving the bed round the other way in what used to my lodger’s room, trying to maximise wall space. It seems to have done the trick. The room is going to be multi functional. A place where I can sit, play the piano, paint, or even sleep. At first I put the bed on its end but that didn’t give me a whole lot more useable space so I put it back down. Now should anyone decide to come and see me (anyone fancy a look at Leeds?) I can put them up, so long as they don’t mind sharing the room with my keyboard and all my paints. I’ve put up, or more accurately, balanced on top  of the cupboards, some of my photos and a couple of paintings. I have this aversion to putting them on display as it feels like showing off so starting in a room only I go into is a first step in trying to get over this problem.
I put some copies of my book up for sale on eBay as it’s free listing weekend, just to see what happens really. It won’ t cost me anything if they don’t sell.
Right now, I’m making a rice pudding, the old fashioned way, from scratch. It’s such a simple dessert and so easy to make. It will keep me in puddings going for a couple of days. Unless of course I stay up late and watch a film in which case it will probably all disappear very quickly.


  1. Can't beat a spot of gardening to raise the spirits