Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Best laid plans.....

You know what it’s like, you plan to do one thing, then something else comes along, well that’s what happened today. I was going to work on my column when I had an email from Norah McGrath of Take a Break fame asking for 1 page summer stories for the specials, so it was down tools and see if I had anything I could rework.
If anyone reading this has anything suitable, get them posted off to her fast.
My plan is to get life more into balance which means getting some more exercise, if only on the Wii, returning to the garden, and getting the house in order. To that end, I broke up the day’s work with a quick go on Wii tennis followed by half an hour in the garden. I turned over one raised bed, planted some turnips, kohl rabi and potatoes.
Now John is here, mowing the grass in the front garden, part of his payment to me for letting him store things in my garage and loft.
Tonight it’s off to the gardening club. My neighbour is going to give me a lift which is good and bad. Good because I get a lift, bad because I’ll have to help put the chairs out! Tonight the speaker’s topic is folk lore which could be interesting, story–wise. I’m going to take some flyers and see if I can find the nerve to give them out to people as I really need to get to talk to more groups myself, especially as I’ve just ordered 100 copies of my book!

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  1. Wow an email from Norah McGrath asking for stories. Wish I had one of those emails Linda. Good on you :-)