Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The funeral isn't until the 16th of April

I feel a lot worse today. Not sleeping doesn’t help. The funeral is on 16th April, so how I’m going to hang on until then, no idea. 
When I spoke to Denis, he told me that Social Services DIDN’T take out a deputyship after all which means none of the paperwork will have been touched, let alone sorted. Apparently, there’s £36,000 to pay as the council have been paying the care home.
When I heard that, I went into panic mode, thinking I might have to sell Mum’s house after all. I went out to check train times and finding the booking office shut, I went into Good Neighbours who gave me tea and sympathy and somebody to talk to. When I came home I felt calmer and decided to browse the internet to see if I could find out more about the legal position. IF I’m right, the law says that the house doesn’t count as capital if a partner is still living there, which Denis is. It also says that some capital (£14,000 approx) has to be left untouched, presumably so that the family can pay for the funeral and any other fees. If that’s the case, then I’ll be able to pay everything without dipping into my own savings, plus have a bit left over. I’ve asked the solicitor for clarification but it was after five by that time. Hopefully he will reply tomorrow. If I’ve read the situation right, I’ll be able to relax a bit which might make waiting until the 16th easier to bear.

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  1. Hi Linda

    Hope you don't mind me commenting here, but I just wanted to say that I really feel for you at the moment. How awful for you to hear second hand about your mum and then to have to worry that you may end up having to pay out thousands when you have had no say previously. That is so tyical of today's bureaucracy, when government institutions waste thousands on a daily basis. Also I sympathise that there is such a wait for the funneral as I think you can't start to have any closure until then.


    By the way, I have signed up for your course in November.