Friday, 23 March 2012

Depression is a deep dark lake and I'm still too close to the edge

I felt so tired yesterday, everything was a struggle. By the time it got to late afternoon, I really didn’t want to do a thing. I even missed my blog. I felt as though I’d done nothing all day. Living with depression is like walking round the edge of a deep dark pool. Miss your footing and you can go sliding back in. What’s worse, you always know it’s there, ready and waiting to envelop you. The trick is to move a bit further from the edge of the lake, but this takes action and effort and there are some days, like yesterday, when that’s too hard to do.
I really need to start writing fiction again, not just for the sake of my finances (I have no idea how much I’ll earn from the book), but also because the longer I leave it, the worse the fear that I can’t do it anymore becomes. So today, sometime, for at least an hour, I’m going to try a new story…..

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