Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Taking care of two old dogs

I’m waiting for  Sally and Humber’s owner to call and say that she’s reached Birmingham. I thought I’d have heard from her by now. The dogs arrived yesterday morning for an overnight stay to let their owner go to a funeral in Bristol. Apart from getting me up at six, and giving me a headache with their complicated feeding and medicine plan, they’ve been no bother, it’s just that I’d like to have a nice relaxing evening. I was meant to be dining out with Spice but had to cancel when I took this booking (I know, I should have said I was busy).
The good news is that my book launch finally has a date. I posted details earlier on the blog. Anyone who can get there, it’s in Leeds, is very welcome. I’ve been fiddling about for ages today making a poster to put up at Good Neighbours and working on a flyer to stick through my neighbour’s doors and hand out to all and sundry. I finished the sample chapter of the book proposal today and sent it to my co–author. Once they’ve done their chapter and we’ve had a chat, it can go to the publisher. I’m itching to get working on it so I pray it’s a yes please.
Tomorrow morning it’s a nice relaxing session of play reading. I’m looking forward to it!
More good news, I went to view an auction which my ex was planning to attend. There was an armchair, a set of coffee tables and a piano stool that I quite liked, so I asked him to bid for me. I’ve just found out that he managed to buy all three, and for less than my maximum bids! 
The dogs' owner finally called at half six, so I've no idea when she will get here. Never mind. I just hope she remembers to pay me. I find asking for money, face to face, quite hard.

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