Friday, 1 February 2013

Playing a waiting game, again

A man came to survey the house today. It was an oddly unsettling experience. This is my house but whatever he finds wrong, if anything, I don’t get to know about it.
Now I have to wait and see if the buyers get their mortgage. No wonder people say that moving is stressful. I’m not surprised I almost backed down. Right now it’s fingers crossed and hope for the best. Life’s pretty much on hold until I move. Tomorrow morning I’m going into town to see the folk at PC world and see if I can get a new computer without being baffled by techno babble. I’ve put it off for as long as I could, longer in fact, simply because all that messing about, joining wires or not, and learning how to operate new systems is all too much like a pain in the proverbial. I was much happier when I had my Amstrad PCW. Total reliability, no virus and went on forever. Ah well, such is progress.
I wasn’t surprised when I weighed myself this morning to discover I’d put three pounds back on. There’s no point in sticking to my fast days up until 10 p.m. then eating anything I can lay my hands on. That’s the problem, I get bored, I eat. It will be great when it’s Spring and I’ve moved and I can play in my new garden…
I did do some work today. I rewrote a story because The People’s Friend asked me to change the beginning, then I sorted out my once a month submission for My Weekly so that it’s out of the way. I also caught up with emails from the Writers Bureau.
What I didn’t get round to doing was sorting out any story starting points so that’s been put off until Sunday. I WILL do it, soon.

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