Wednesday, 20 February 2013

To move or not to move, that WAS the question

As readers of this blog will know, I’ve been changing my mind quite a lot about moving/not moving/which house/bungalow to buy or not etc.
It now seems that I AM moving to the smaller house with the smaller garden and smaller conservatory. It’s not a perfect house (I can’t afford to buy one of those) and there are things about it I’m not keen on, but that’s the same with the house I’m in now and with all the others  I’ve looked at. Whether I’ll be happy there and able to work doesn’t come down to where I am physically, it’s where I am in my head that counts. Yes, I’ve finally figures that out!
After a wrangle with the estate agent who wanted me to pay two lots of fees (long story), that hiccough’s been sorted. The buyers came for another look round last night and still seem keen on the garden, so all I have to do now is some more waiting….
The People’s Friend asked me to rewrite a story so that’s done, ready to post. I’ve also finished two new stories which are heading to Writing Magazine comps, and another that’s going to Fiction Feast.
Now I’m waiting for Louis, the chocolate Labrador to arrive. He’ll help to keep me sane.

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