Thursday, 28 February 2013

I don’t know when I’m moving.

I’m not even going to mention my move until it’s happening. 
I’ve done all I can. With that in mind, and knowing it might be days, weeks, a month or never before I move, I’m sorting things out here a bit more so that however long it takes, at least I’m comfortable. I now have a table in the living room so that when I’m stuck indoors of an evening, I can watch TV whilst doing a jigsaw which might, (MIGHT) prevent me from raiding the larder at ten p.m.
Having put a book together which I’m awaiting a proof for from Lulu, I’ve  started the next one. It’s a follow up to the Writer’s Treasury of Ideas which will describe many more methods that people can use to help them think of ideas for stories. It will also set exercises, and include samples of my stories.  I have a vague notion of something else it may include but I haven’t sorted the details out yet.
One of my Writers Bureau students sent me a story today as [part of their course and it was so good, I hardly needed to give any feedback. It’s great when that happens as it shows the course is working for them. 
This is Louis’s last evening with me so my plan is to snuggle up with him on the sofa later but first I need to think about what to take with me to Glasgow. I’m reserve for Leeds Writers Eggheads team so I probably won’t be needed but I still have to find three different outfits to take with me.  The list of things they DON’T want you to wear is extensive and includes most of the colours I like to wear – blues and pastels.  I’ll probably end up taking greys.
The Swanwick team were turned down by Only Connect which is both annoying and also a relief. Annoying as I made myself Egghead reserve because I might make Only Connect, relieved because filming for the show could take  days as if you win a round, you have to play another team, and I don’t know when I’m moving…..
Funny, I think I read that somewhere recently.

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