Wednesday, 27 February 2013

'How to Make £10 in ten minutes' works!

 My day started with a smile when I received this email.
‘After buying your kindle ebook HOW TO MAKE £10 IN TEN MINUTES! I've landed £250 on my first go.’ I get such a buzz when people achieve success after reading something of mine. I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, now that I’m free to do what I want for a change,  and helping other people with their writing seems like a good option. I’m good at it too (that was hard to write as I have a terrible fear of sounding boastful).
This morning I went to the writing class at Heydays for the first time in months. I’d been trying other things, the argument being that writing felt like work. Well now that’s changed. Writing needs to be fun. It’s what I’ve been telling other people for years so now I need to take my own advice.
When I arrived at Heydays, Joanna was talking about Monday and how I’d spoken up for the people who aren’t happy with the way  things have been going at Leeds Writers. It felt good, knowing that I’m trying to change things rather than just running away.
I want to crack on with more writers guides. I have enough material for a follow up the Writer’s Treasury of Ideas so I[m thinking of publishing that as an eBook via Byker books and on Lulu. That way I can keep the price down. Although I loved what Filament did with the book I did feel it was too expensive.
Louis is here until Friday. Then I should be going to Glasgow to film Eggheads (I’m only reserve) but our team captain’s in the wars so I’m not sure yet whether it will happen.  I’d been planning to write a new story or two on the way so if the trip is called off, I’ll have to see if I can do that at home instead.
Now for some tea and home made lemon polenta cake.

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  1. I'm coming round! Home made lemon polenta cake and tea sounds very tasty.

    Love your comment, 'writing needs to be fun' and couldn't agree more, otherwise it certainly does feel like work!

    Keep smiling. :-) Be happy, its the way forward!