Friday, 8 February 2013

Stress levels rising

Is it me or are computers sent here to try us?
I’ve ordered a new one which is due to arrive next Friday. The man asked me to find out what my isp password was prior to his visit but when I called Virgin and asked them for it, they didn’t know what I was on about. So now I have no idea whether the computer man will have a problem or not…
I was happy with my Amstrad PCW
I signed contracts today for both the sale of this house and he purchase of the other one. Now to wait and see if everything goes through. More stress. It’s my own fault for wanting to move but I do really need to get away from this big hard to manage garden or the weight and worry will drag me into the mire.
I can feel today slipping away from me so I can either let it, or do something about it. I think I’ll try doing something. Time to turn up the heating in the conservatory and have a go at drafting another story.

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