Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Stressed out and getting nowhere, slowly

Feeling good is taking a lot of effort.
I felt so blue yesterday I decided to go into town early, have a meal at Park Row, and go on to the club,. That way I’d have to go out. Minutes later, my friend Marg called and suggested …. we met up, had a meal and went on to the club together.
The food at park Row is very good, the prices (half price on Mondays) even better.
The meeting was the ghost story adjudication which I’d entered but Marg hadn’t. I cam nowhere. He wanted my story to have a nastier ending. The problem is, he’s right. I submitted a story I’d written for Fiction Feast and instead of changing the ending to suit a competition, I hadn’t bothered. That’s the second time I haven’t listened to my own counsel – com stories are not the same as magazine ones. I know that, so why don’t I take any notice?
I didn’t go the pub after a none of my friends was bothering, so I came home on the 21..55 after buying a McFlurry.
Right now, I have so many balls in the air and until at east one of them lands, it’s hard to think straight let alone make any plans. The estate agent said everyone was ready to move and needed dates but when I checked with my solicitor, he’s heard nothing official from either the people I’m buying from or the ones I’m selling to.
They say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. They’re half right. The actual moving is hard work but quite fun, it’s the hanging about waiting for estate agents and solicitors to get their acts together that causes the stress. And John of course.
Whatever I want to do, whatever I think I’ve decided, he has other ideas and insists on telling me until I end up feeling badgered and upset. That’s why this move is so important to me. It’s a new start. A chance to set boundaries and stick to them. I honestly can’t wait but at the same time, I wish I could just let somebody else do everything for me.
This morning, I worked on a story that had gone to Fiction Feast but didn’t sell, Yahoo, for some reason, wouldn’t let me send anything. An hour later, after a visit from John which didn’t go well, I finally managed to send it off. Oh, and I had two stories rejected by the People’s Friend. Apparently, they don’t like ghost stories

Sorry for not responding to the comments on here lately. I normally get email notifications but lately these have been going to my Spam folder.

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  1. Moving is sooo stressful, I totally sympathise with you Linda. Hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel for you soon. Caroline x