Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I’m having a most un–romantic Valentine’s Day.
Highlights so far include a visit from a removal man to give me a quote, three rejections from Woman’s Weekly, backing up my word files on to a memory stick and my weekly crossword class.
Yesterday was strange too. I had to go to Manchester for an audition for the quiz show, ONLY CONNECT which is my all time favourite show. Early in the morning it started chucking down the snow By the time I had to leave there was a couple of inches and I really don’t like walking in snow. I decided to be brave and walked to the station in the blizzard, managing to stay upright which was good. I got to Manchester Piccadilly early where I met up with the other two team members. Getting from there to the audition proved more difficult. To cut a long story short we got there five minutes late (which I hate), but they were running late so we didn’t get seen until fiveish. The actual audition went well, apart from the connecting wall where we scored zero, nothing, zilch. I’d put some of the questions on here but that wouldn’t be fair as they are holding auditions up and down the country.
Afterwards it took another age to get back to Piccadilly, I forgot to pick up my umbrella, then the trains came to a stop due to signal failures meaning I was more than an hour late getting into Leeds. I didn’t fancy my chances of getting home after the Spice quiz as the centre of Leeds was in chaos so instead of having a nice meal and a leisurely stroll to the4 quiz, I grabbed an expensive sandwich and joined the queue for the taxi which was 20 minutes long.
By the time I got in I was worn out. That said, I did meet a lovely lady on the train. We chatted non–stop from Manchester to Huddersfield which was great.  
My course at Weetwood Hall having been cancelled I now have more room in my diary to fit my move into. All I need now are some dates from the solicitors….
Tomorrow a man is due to bring my new computer. I’m both excited and scared. My pc is both my life line and my most important tool. For more than a year it’s been driving me even more mad than I am already with its slowness and general unreliability but I couldn’t face doing anything about it. Of course now it comes to replacing it, I really wish I’d done it months ago because then it would all be over…

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