Saturday, 2 February 2013

Up and down day

Does anyone else ever get the feeling that the world’s just too ******complicated?
Today’s been up and down. First I heard that my favourite dachshund Woody is ill. He’s started to have occasional fits and they don’t know why. Then my solicitor sent a pile of paperwork asking questions I thought I’d answered and I can’t call him until Monday, then I went into town and called at PC World to buy a computer but came home without one. I ended up confused, cross and, well you can guess. They don’t even deliver. So I’m supposed to carry it home on the train (I don't drive). Get real. It’s no wonder high street outlets are going to the wall if this is the service they give. So now I’m going to go to a small company and let them sell me a system. They’ll also deliver it (!) and set it up.
On a more positive, writerly front, I have my first story in Take a Break for more than a year. It’s in the Spring Special 1 so that means a payment should soon be on its way.

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