Friday, 22 February 2013

Lacking energy

I worked quite hard this morning, on the book and rewriting a story that was rejected by Womans Weekly so that I could send it to Fiction Feast (switched from present to past tense etc) then I ran out of steam. Apart from a quick telephone conversation with Sandra, I haven’t spoken to a soul. Louis does his best and it’s great to have him here, but it’s not the same.I could, of course, say it's his fault as I don't get much sleep when he's here, but that wouldn't be fair. 
I think it's the weather. February's a miserable month,neither here nor there.
I can’t even raise the enthusiasm to play tennis on the Wii and I don’t want to start packing everything away until I’m certain the move is actually on.
John has been at an auction and has just called to say he’s coming round. Now maybe people will see why I keep in touch with him. On days when I don’t see him, I might not talk to a soul, and no, emails, tweets and Facebook are not the same.
AFTER the move, I’m thinking of starting a small writers group, probably concentrating on fillers as they’re fun, pay well. As well as improving my social life it will also give me a much needed nudge to write some more fillers myself.

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