Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I AM happy

Today was better for me. I went to Heydays at West Yorkshire Playhouse this morning where I’m on a course looking at the mind and how it works. What I came away with was basically this – as humans we are body, then emotion, then thoughts, then intuition etc. When we get wrapped up in negative or worrying feelings and emotions, it’s hard to think clearly. Also, when we keep thinking about problems and worries, over and over, it’s hard for our inner voice, or intuition to be heard. For that to happen, we need to take a step backward, leaving the emotion and thoughts behind. The other thing we discussed was the choice we have between, for example, thinking of yourself as unhappy or happy, a victim or a person in control. Even when bad things are happen, we still have that choice.
So, underneath the stress of waiting to move, I am happy. Maybe if I say it often enough I will start to believe it. It’s worth a try.
I had a letter from my solicitor today asking me to make an appointment to go in and sign the contract to buy the other house. That doesn’t mean it’s over, not yet anyway, as I still need confirmation that the sale of this house is definitely going through.
I had a pile of work arrive today for the Writers Bureau.  It turned out to be a blessing as I don’t have a choice, I HAVE to do it. That meant I could get on with something and put everything else out of my mind.
I also spent an hour on the phone with Shirley, my friend in Scarborough. It really is good to talk.

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