Monday, 4 February 2013

Waiting for ?

I had a very weepy weekend, thanks to letters from solicitors, a sick dog and other annoyances.
I reached the point today when I was so desperate to talk to somebody I almost went out in the pouring rain, just to see another human being.
I’m always rather reticent about calling people as I worry about interrupting their work/eating/TV etc. Eventually I phoned a friend from crossword class as she’d asked me to let her know how Saturday went. Of course, she wasn’t in, but I did leave a message. Long and short of it, she called me back some time later and I ended up going to her place for tea and a natter. It was really really great juts to talk to somebody in person, whose name wasn’t John.
Tonight I was toying with the idea of going to Leeds Writers but it’s only (yet) another manuscript evening which I find deadly dull so when the weather started playing up – strong winds, lashing rain, cold, I was happy to let that put me off. I will have to go next week as it’s the judging o the ghost story competition which I’ve entered so I’d better start praying for some better weather.
Workwise, I’ve tweaked, changed, edited, three stories to send to Take a Brea/Fiction Feast. I  have a story in take A Break’s Spring Special which is out now so I should really be writing some fresh ones, but I can’t seem to find the energy while I’m waiting for this move to happen.

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