Thursday, 7 February 2013

I wrote a story today and yes, that is news.

Having not written anything new for weeks, I decided this morning to put the heating on in the conservatory, sit down and write a story. I’m very happy to say that my plan worked. 
It’s a Valentine story about somebody who gets an unexpected card on Feb 14. Why write one of those now when I can’t sell it this year? Because Writers News have a free to enter competition (if you subscribe) and its about time I started entering those again.
As usual, I’m going to let it stew for a coupel of days before typing it up but I have a feeling it’s another good one.
After that, I caught up with emails then went to crossword class. It was too cold and miserable to explore the shops, plus I have to go to the solicitors tomorrow morning to sign the contract on the house I’m buying, I was also meant to be going to a quiz tonight at a pub but it doesn’t start til after nine and I can’t, frankly, be bothered.
I called my friend Valerie in Scarborough who’s feeling a bit down. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the time of year. Spring is wonderful. It’s hard to feel fed up when there are daffodils all over the place.
As I’m staying in, John’s coming over to watch a film with me. It’s a bit of company and as we’re doing something, we shouldn’t end up arguing.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the film. I enjoyed your story in Yours annual.