Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas day sorted

About last night at the theatre. I went to see The Wind in the Willows and left at half time. Why? Because I found the entire show creepy. To me it had all these strange and unsettling undertones. It was all probably just in my head, but uncomfortable all the same. I didn’t evens top for my usual interval ice cream.
This morning, while out with Raffy, I called into the local Good Neighbours to see the woman in charge of the Christmas day lunch/do. I’m now officially volunteered and wil be spending Dec 25th helping out, running the quiz, organising the CDs, and washing up. Brill! And no I’m not being good or charitable or selfless. I don’t want to spend the day at home, alone.
I’d like to thank Lynne and Rae for their spot on comments. I know how true they are. I guess I feel much like somebody who’s been let out of jail after 50 years. Right now, I don't quite know what happiness or freedom is as everything's so different. I'm definitely working on it though.

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  1. Hi Linda, we went to see this on Saturday, and I know what you mean about creepy. I think it may be partly due to the stylized anthropomorphism, due to how old the story is. Not a very sympathetic portrayal of the animals. What did you think about the weasels? I thought the horse was very good though - the way it moved was very convincing. Carol