Monday, 26 November 2012

It's raining, it's pouring

I’ve now finished the bulk of the critiques, just a few left to do from the stories that reached the long list. I’m feeling too tired to read the stories again tonight, so will wait until Wednesday evening. Why then? Raffy the terrier is coming to stay so I can sit with him while I read them which will help to settle him in for his holiday.
I’ve decided that living on my own is OK but….. I do miss having somebody to talk to. At least when there are dogs here, I can talk to them and not feel quite so barmy as when I talk to myself. 
Winter is difficult. In the summertime, I can go outside, potter in the garden, or wander round the shops, but when it’s cold grey wet dark and miserable, that’s not quite as appealing.
I’ve just finished working on another new story aimed at Woman’s Weekly. It needed a final tweak or two before I was happy with it which is why it’s taken me so long to finish it. As often happens, what I thought was the first line turned out not to be as I swapped it for one from the next paragraph.
My biggest problem was finding a title. Other magazines like Fiction Feast and The People’s Friend like to make up their own titles(often much worse than mine I might add) but WW usually keep the title the author chooses which is why I had to come up with something. In the end I went with A Lion Chasing Zebra which has the benefit of not revealing ANYTHING about the story.  
Now to maybe think about tackling a Writers Bureau assignment before calling it a day.

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