Monday, 19 November 2012

Third time lucky????


It’s been an odd day.
For some unaccountable reason I had a very bad night. That couple with having to be up at 6.30 am in case Argos delivered my freezer early (it came at 7.30) has left me feeling very  under the weather. Of course, tonight’s the short story adjudication at Leeds Writers Circle plus I’m meeting Marg at the station beforehand for food and a chat. If I wasn’t meeting her, I’d definitely be staying in!
Having decided NOT to move and to think instead of buying a cheaper property I can rent out, I went to view a bungalow yesterday. It turned out to be pretty much perfect. Position wise, it simply could NOT be better. And so, I made an offer this morning and the seller accepted it.
I know, I must be crazy, but my thinking went like this – if my house doesn’t sell I can always rent the bungalow out until my house DOES sell (I can’t rent out the house I’m living in because the garden’s way too big and I’d still feel responsible for it). I’ll have to wait and see where I am when contracts are about to be exchanged on the bungalow. If my house has attracted a buyer, great. If not, at least I have a plan B.
Not feeling good has meant I haven’t finished reading the competition entries yet. I wouldn’t want my grogginess to mean I miss a good story. Instead,  after making a trip to the estate agent to prove I had the means to buy the bungalow, I did some Writers Bureau marking.
I also met a terrier. Her owner wants me to take care of her for a week in January while they go skiing. The dog was quite frisky and likes to bark, but as she’s small, and it’s only for a week, I think we’ll get along OK.
Now to force myself to think about getting ready to go out.

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