Thursday, 8 November 2012

THe weekend's on its way.

Having sorted out everything for the weekend’s course, I’ve been working on more new stories. They’re taking shape slowly. I’m hoping if I can get them both typed, my subconscious can work on them over the weekend so that they’re ready to be beaten into shape next week.
I’m hoping to come back from the weekend with some more stories to work on. I’ve set quite a few writing exercises so I might as well work on them too.
Yesterday, I sent my first new story to Fiction Feast since February. I also worked on two old stories to send to The People’s Friend.
I also moved the sofa from the conservatory to the living room which means I can watch
I haven’t seen much of John this week. He bought another car which broke down the next day. He can’t use the old one as it’s in bits on my drive.
As the weekend approaches, I’m feeling a bit stressed, to put it mildly. My courses and workshops have always gone down well but I still fret about them. I like to know that I’m giving good value for money and sometimes that makes me try too hard. I can’t squeeze everything into one weekend so there’s no point trying. There, that’s told me. Now all I have to do is take notice.

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  1. Good luck with your course. I'm sure you'll be fine.