Friday, 16 November 2012


Good news.
The sale of Mum’s house has completed. 
I feel more relieved than jubilant. I might get more excited once I see the money in the bank!
A meal at the pub & a DVD this evening, that’s the plan.
I spent the morning in my dressing gown, moving furniture about. By the time John showed up (he’s still tinkering with his cars), I’d moved it all. I have bruises and aches and pains but also a nice satisfied feeling knowing that I did it all by myself. I’ll ache like mad tomorrow but as I only plan to read competition stories, that doesn’t matter too much.
It’s been a bit like actually moving – shifting lots of furniture, working up a sweat, waiting for the call from the solicitor to say the sale’s completed. Now I’ve showered and dressed, it feels as though I’m making an actual new start, even though I’m still in the same place.
I’m still in a mess though. Piles of books all over the place which I haven’t put back on the shelves, and all kinds of other bits and pieces where they shouldn’t be.
I still have the fridge freezer in here too. A new freezer’s coming on Monday which will go upstairs, then John can take this one away.
I’m meeting a friend at 2 for coffee. I’ve had it planned for a couple of weeks before I knew today would be the day. I hope she’s in the mood for cream cakes!

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